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Playground politics


We have been notably absent from the world of blogging, I attribute this mainly to a toddler who doesn’t let me sit down (no really today I simply looked at a celeb magazine to be greeted with a strict ‘No’ from Liliya!). However one place that has been taking up a lot of our time is the park. Or all of the local parks as we know a great deal of them very well now. They are simply excellent, I imagine invented by a harassed mother many years ago. They are free, promote socialising for mum and child, get you out of the house and are responsible for a lot of Liliya’s first words such as ‘Park’ (of course’ and DeeDaw (see-saw..obv).

However they do bring out your inner child. Even though I am all grown up and mature…I do not like someone else’s child pushing mine out of the way. Or beating us to the swings. Or pushing the merry-go-round too fast, and if you are over the age of 11..please don’t hog the slide it’s just inconsiderate. But of course I smile sweetly and don’t let my inner child come out as I don’t want to be the embarrassing Mum. But I can sooo see where they are coming from.

So even though parks are brilliant, and fun…we must be careful to not regress to childhood ourselves and remain cool and mature, despite what that annoying kid is doing…!