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Days out


So the weather is turning..cold, windy with plenty of rain. Now pre-toddler this didn’t bother me too much as I could still go to the cinema and Trafford centre without and real planning whatever the weather. Not anymore! A rainy day now means several things.

1.No park.unless fully waterproof gear is worn and even then it’s just not fun

2. You need to be inventive with indoor activities

3. Toddlers get cabin fever. As do you

4. Baby Tv (channel 623, the number is forever in-grained into my memory)

5. Soft play centres are brilliant but usually busy as everyone else has the same idea..

So currently my rainy day strategies include..arranging playdates. Fun for both parties. And you can speak to another adult.

Selling the idea of going to the supermarket as ‘a fun ride in the trolley’ (that’s why the bills mention ‘Tesco a lot…)

Soft play centres. But arrive early.

Basically being inventive is the key. If all else fails put on the waterproof gear and play in the puddles. Adult participation optional!