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Happy birthday!


Happy birthday to my little Liliya! Although not so little anymore, I can’t believe how quickly one year has gone by and I keep thinking a lot of ‘this time last year..’. We celebrated with a egg-free chocolate cake (tasted the same) using the egg alternative from Holland and Barrett and its safe to say that Liliya got just a teeny bit spoilt with presents. I thought Christmas was bad but people were actually a bit restrained but it’s almost like for your birthday the rules go out the window and anything goes! But not to complain i personally cant wait to play with the new toys! We bought a Smart Trike which is a bike that can be pushed around now and as your little one grows it can eventually turn into a tricycle, the best choice was in Mothercare and she looks so cute being pushed around on it now! But I will finish off on a soppy note…to our lovely button-moon, thank you for the best first year and I can’t wait for all the years to come, we love you Liliya-Bop! Happy first birthday, Love from Mummy and Daddy xxxx