The P word


Potty training. I’m going to be really honest,it scares me. I was so not looking forward to this part at all, and I just wish that this part of the development was just well…sorted itself on its own?A bit like walking?! Silly I know but I have zero experience when it comes to teaching another human how to use the potty. I also don’t want to get it wrong and install some weird toilet phobias which will last for years. I also don’t want to put it off too long so that Liliya is still wearing nappies in years to come,stress!

So I got prepared and got the Gina Ford potty training book and immediately regretted it when I remembered how much she scares me (babycentre is much better) I have bought a potty which looks like a throne (well comfortable at least) and I really didn’t know what to do next. We have been basically encouraging Liliya to sit on it,making plenty of comical poo noises and faces and then on one occasion when we did get a poo in it..well we praised her as if it was an Olympic gold medal I was so proud!

Lessons I have learnt so far…

Nappies make you forget how much poo smells. The potty reminds you.

Tv is an amazing distraction.

Praise is everything.

Also be relaxed and don’t rush things. They do things in their own time anytime!

I still have no idea when to get the toilet seat. But for now the little potty is a good start,wish us luck!xx



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