Toothy Pegs

Toothy Pegs

No this is not a photo of Liliya, she is still toothless and definitely not smiling at present as we go through the teething process. It’s described as ‘teeth growing and pushing through the gums’ which sounds very painful so I’m not surprised the poor thing is in pain with it. On average this usually starts at 4 months and the first tooth is seen at 7 months. She started being irritable and very dribbly at 4 months and I got excited as I thought this might be her first tooth coming through but alas no, and after a few weeks she became more settled and less dribbly. Only to restart once again over the weekend but this time I am sure we might have a little toothy peg on its way. Teething gel is the bees knees (we’ve been using Bonjela) and really helps, so are teething rings (we’ve got a great TommeeTippee one) although we had to eventually try Calpol and baby Ibuprofen before she settled. She has also been gnawing everything for a while now but this has definitely been on the up the last few fingers crossed the tooth is out soon and she is feeling better…although I’ve read this can last for 2 years!

If you are worried about teething see your GP before giving your baby any medication. Babies can have a slight rise in temperature when they are teething but if in doubt as to the cause of this always see your GP for advice.

Here is a good link to have a look at.


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I am training to be a GP with an interest in women's health. I am a new mum to my 6 month old daughter and I wanted to start a blog as a diary for her to read in the future as well as providing information for other mums and mum's to be about all the things we seem to worry about the most.

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    • If your little one gets a temperature it is always advised to see your GP as there could be another underlying cause, such as infection. However if you have been advised that it is likely due to teething Calpol/paracetamol can be given at the dose appropriate to your child’s age. For further information see the above link.

  1. I like your optimism with the teething! I said my little boy was teething for the best part of 12 months but it turns out he was just being a grump every so often. Every time he had a slightly red cheek or a bit of drool I was reaching for the bonjela/ calpol/ teething ring combo but no teeth appeared until he was 13 months old. I nearly had a party when I felt that first ragged edge of an appearing tooth! Good luck when they do emerge (sooner rather than later hopefully) but I guess you’ll have to rethink the breast-feeding when there’s little teeth to give you a bite! x

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