Days out


So the weather is turning..cold, windy with plenty of rain. Now pre-toddler this didn’t bother me too much as I could still go to the cinema and Trafford centre without and real planning whatever the weather. Not anymore! A rainy day now means several things.

1.No park.unless fully waterproof gear is worn and even then it’s just not fun

2. You need to be inventive with indoor activities

3. Toddlers get cabin fever. As do you

4. Baby Tv (channel 623, the number is forever in-grained into my memory)

5. Soft play centres are brilliant but usually busy as everyone else has the same idea..

So currently my rainy day strategies include..arranging playdates. Fun for both parties. And you can speak to another adult.

Selling the idea of going to the supermarket as ‘a fun ride in the trolley’ (that’s why the bills mention ‘Tesco a lot…)

Soft play centres. But arrive early.

Basically being inventive is the key. If all else fails put on the waterproof gear and play in the puddles. Adult participation optional!


The P word


Potty training. I’m going to be really honest,it scares me. I was so not looking forward to this part at all, and I just wish that this part of the development was just well…sorted itself on its own?A bit like walking?! Silly I know but I have zero experience when it comes to teaching another human how to use the potty. I also don’t want to get it wrong and install some weird toilet phobias which will last for years. I also don’t want to put it off too long so that Liliya is still wearing nappies in years to come,stress!

So I got prepared and got the Gina Ford potty training book and immediately regretted it when I remembered how much she scares me (babycentre is much better) I have bought a potty which looks like a throne (well comfortable at least) and I really didn’t know what to do next. We have been basically encouraging Liliya to sit on it,making plenty of comical poo noises and faces and then on one occasion when we did get a poo in it..well we praised her as if it was an Olympic gold medal I was so proud!

Lessons I have learnt so far…

Nappies make you forget how much poo smells. The potty reminds you.

Tv is an amazing distraction.

Praise is everything.

Also be relaxed and don’t rush things. They do things in their own time anytime!

I still have no idea when to get the toilet seat. But for now the little potty is a good start,wish us luck!xx


Playground politics


We have been notably absent from the world of blogging, I attribute this mainly to a toddler who doesn’t let me sit down (no really today I simply looked at a celeb magazine to be greeted with a strict ‘No’ from Liliya!). However one place that has been taking up a lot of our time is the park. Or all of the local parks as we know a great deal of them very well now. They are simply excellent, I imagine invented by a harassed mother many years ago. They are free, promote socialising for mum and child, get you out of the house and are responsible for a lot of Liliya’s first words such as ‘Park’ (of course’ and DeeDaw (see-saw..obv).

However they do bring out your inner child. Even though I am all grown up and mature…I do not like someone else’s child pushing mine out of the way. Or beating us to the swings. Or pushing the merry-go-round too fast, and if you are over the age of 11..please don’t hog the slide it’s just inconsiderate. But of course I smile sweetly and don’t let my inner child come out as I don’t want to be the embarrassing Mum. But I can sooo see where they are coming from.

So even though parks are brilliant, and fun…we must be careful to not regress to childhood ourselves and remain cool and mature, despite what that annoying kid is doing…!


Summer holiday


Well we are off tomorrow for our first proper holiday…abroad. Far away,on a plane (eeek) to a nice family friendly resort where there is no time difference that can interfere with our precious routine. Nice. That is how much children change you and the way you look at holidays. We no longer look at any potential night life (DVD’s it is then) well we did in a way..I mean in the sense that we checked that there are no night clubs nearby or it will be too noisy for Liliya to sleep! And the hotels are now picked according to which one has the best playground-based equipment and child-friendly activities. Although I am fully aware that there will be minimal lounging and a great deal of chasing after Liliya around the pool and we will probably want another holiday as soon as we get back but I absolutely can’t wait to go!(though I apologise to our fellow plane passengers now…)
See you soon xx


Guest blog post by Dr Catherine Heaney


A new post from our lovely guest blogger and glam Eco-Mummy Catherine Heaney…

Eco Baby

I’ve always had a bit of a green streak in me and when I knew I was going to have a baby I couldn’t help but worry about all those nappies I’d be throwing away!

Googling didn’t help ease my guilt, I kept coming across facts like these:

-3 billion nappies disposable nappies are used in Britain every year

-7 million trees are cut down each year to supply the British nappy market

-Disposable nappies take 200-500 years to decompose1

So I found an excellent company online that supply disposable biodegradable nappies.

​I’ve used them for 18 months now and still find them great. I buy in bulk and they deliver the next day if you order before 3pm. They even put them over the back gate if I’m not in so no waiting in for the postman required!

I also did try reusable cotton nappies for a while. Again I found a really good company online:

They are a Manchester based company but there are many other similar companies throughout the country. Our local council fund a free month’s trial of their service, as do many councils in other areas. Cottontails have a laundering service where they provide you with a bin and come and collect the dirty nappies once a week, dropping off clean nappies at the same time. I didn’t carry on with the reusables as I just found them a bit more of a hassle and as we go away quite a lot it wasn’t a very practical option. But if you are a bit more dedicated to the cause than me I’m sure this is an excellent choice!

So for a slightly greener conscience, go on give some eco-friendly nappies a try!


Mirror mirror on the wall


Who’s the fairest of them all? Well Liliya of course (and that’s according to her too!) she absolutely LOVES looking at herself in the mirror and will pose and pout for ages, she will also give herself a kiss when prompted it’s so sweet! The last few weeks can be described as the ‘settling in’ stage, I’m settling in at work and Liliya is settling in at nursery and is I dare say even starting to enjoy it. I also wish I’d bought shares in Calpol (paracetamol) as it feels like we’re getting through a bottle per week thanks to the lovely vat of bugs that is nursery, and every new infection is followed by ‘but this is so good for them to build up their immunity…’ yes but it’s also so hard for mummy and daddy isn’t there a jab that someone can invent for this?!

But not to moan, we are getting used to the new transition and as if I need another sign that she is growing up so quickly (sob!) Liliya is now the proud owner of her first pair of shoes! We went to Clarks and the service there is amazing, there is a good selection, they are used to dealing with babies and toddlers and to top it off…they take a photo of your little one and their first pair of shoes for you to keep! Guaranteed customer for life!

Happy birthday!


Happy birthday to my little Liliya! Although not so little anymore, I can’t believe how quickly one year has gone by and I keep thinking a lot of ‘this time last year..’. We celebrated with a egg-free chocolate cake (tasted the same) using the egg alternative from Holland and Barrett and its safe to say that Liliya got just a teeny bit spoilt with presents. I thought Christmas was bad but people were actually a bit restrained but it’s almost like for your birthday the rules go out the window and anything goes! But not to complain i personally cant wait to play with the new toys! We bought a Smart Trike which is a bike that can be pushed around now and as your little one grows it can eventually turn into a tricycle, the best choice was in Mothercare and she looks so cute being pushed around on it now! But I will finish off on a soppy note…to our lovely button-moon, thank you for the best first year and I can’t wait for all the years to come, we love you Liliya-Bop! Happy first birthday, Love from Mummy and Daddy xxxx